Soundgarden’s King Animal Goes Live & First Single

Soundgarden’s first album in almost 16 years is available in stores in the USA today – King Animal


The only track I’ve heard is the aptly named ‘Been Away Too Long’, whose music video was released on Soundgarden’s YouTube  channel 4 days ago and already has over a quarter million views. That’s pretty impressive for an outfit that doesn’t have abbreviations in their name or fake breasts on their singer.

What’s exciting is that it doesn’t seem like Chris Cornell and his band of merry troopers have tried to fit into a sound that understandably might have changed during a near-generational absence. It’s pretty much as if, when they got back in the studio, some one kicked off the writing session with a casual “So, where were we?”.

I’m hoping the other tracks on the album follow suit. Either away, the first single is worth a buy and prominent playlist positioning.

The video for ‘Been Away Too Long’ is below.. when watching it, realise that this is band that formed a year before I was born (1985, so 1984) and their last album was released so long ago that it seems to have taken place in some sort of parallel time warp where in the same year, a remix of the Macarena ended the year on top of the Billboard charts.

Fast forward to 2012, and you get…

What do you think of ‘Been Away Too Long?


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