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Introducing SGT. PEPPER

If you take a walk down Glenwood streets; look into coffee shops; checkout the restaurants; hell even open the pages of the latest YOU magazine (true story), you’ll pick up a certain theme in top-button-done-up-apparel worn by the trendiest of the modern men. It’s a vibe inspired by the current kings that are on the verge of breaking the mould of SA’s gents style.

Sergeant Pepper Clothing.

If you haven’t heard of them or seen their inspiration being worn in the streets.. then for <insert choice cuss word here> sake move out of Poffadder and live a little.

Founded by the uber-gent of chivalrous attire himself, Zak Venter, the Sergeant Pepper Clothing label of groomed men’s attire is growing in popularity even though it hasn’t officially-unofficiallyish-officially launched yet. (We got the inside track on that, coming your way soon!)

From worn leather shoes to detailed cuts, Sergeant Pepper have demolished any man’s reason for not looking good. Between these guys and Nev the Barber, I don’t know for how much longer Durban’s young lads are gonna stay unmarried. Is just us, or have you also notice the twitter bromance between @sgtpepperbrand and @gangsofballet.. #justsaying.

Sergeant Pepper – I liked you as a song while growing up, and now as a clothing label. Well done Zak, well done.

(Pssst.. You can get ahead of the action and ‘Like’ the SPC Facebook page from right here, and make sure you get the latest from them all the time)


Before you leave, take a few moments taking in the visual splendour that is this brand…