Tonight is STORY Sessions #6!

This is everything you need to know about STORY Sessions #6 tonight:

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that tonight is STORY Sessions #6 with Sean Wisedale, a man who likes to climb rocks… very big, very tall, rocks.

Just to recap, tonight might be considered our ‘fanciest’ STORY Sessions yet with the Elizabeth Sneddon Theatre jumping right on board and letting us user their facilities as if it were one of their very own shows. Can I get an, “I say, old chap!”.

There’s no overflow in theatres, well, the nice ones like ours, so make sure you get there early to get your FREE ticket into the event. It holds 400 and the box office opens at 6pm. So, you know, just get there early!

If you looked out your window this morning you probably saw clouds, and if you looked out your window this morning and saw clouds and you are a Durbanite, then you’ve probably planned the detour you’ll take to pick up some hot chocolate on your way back from work, cancel all your plans and watch PVR re-runs of Deena’s culinary victory.. DON”T!

He’s climbed the 7 Peaks, I think he knows what ‘cold’ really means!

When we looked outside and saw the weather, we were thankful. Thankful that, tonight will justify the delicious curries and soups that Darryl Hoffman’s team will be selling tonight. While Darryl takes care of our taste buds, local musicians will be sure to warm the rest of our senses, running up to the main event.

Speaking of the main event, our guest for the evening, Sean Wisedale will also have his book ‘Freeze Frame’ on sale, so bring more than just enough cash for a 1/4 bunny ek se!

We’ll also be airing, our video from the our great evening with Marine Surf Lifesaving Club (aka ‘The Event Previously Known as STORY Sessions #5′.. I love that guy’s music).

Come join us Durban. We’re excited about this one.

Jump to the event’s Facebook page for more details (This is where you’ll also find a map to the venue).

See you later,

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