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The Killers Release New Single: Runaways [Listen Here]

One of the memories I’m keenest to revisit when I feel like snuggling up with a tub of Rum ‘n Raisin ice-cream and taking a trip down Nostalgia Lane, is the one where I lose my voice while singing along with The Killers, to their rock-opera anthem Human, with my two mates Chris and Pierre, when the Las Vegas outfit performed in Cape Town a while back.

None of us were in Golden Circle, but we were right up against the dividing rails with a clear and close view… we weren’t going to move anytime soon. Showing scant regard and little respect for this Berlin-esque wall dividing the classes, we stood quarter-moon formation, protecting the identity of our friends as we emptied our bladders in the only area we could: right in front of us… between the rails… the walkway where security made sure the type of people who would urinate in public to keep their viewing spot, couldn’t taint the Golden Circle experience that the Kloof Street Vida locals had paid for.

It was amazing. The Killers pulled it out (not in the same way we had been doing) and made it count. Their performance was so rad that it made the fact that we could only get out the venue at 3am worth it (parking issues).

The Killers

Anyway, what I actually want to get to is this: Runaways could, and would have, easily slipped into that night’s set list un-noticed as a Day & Age B-Side. If Runaways is indeed an accurate measure of what we can expect from the soon-to-be released 4th album, Battle Born, then it’s safe to say this album could alternatively be called Another Day & Older Age.

Sam’s Town marked their definitive departure from competing with The Strokes for indie-pop-high-school’s, then guitar driven, award for “Most Likely To Succeed’. It’s been 80’s synths and glitter balls ever since. I, personally, have loved it all anyway.

If Battle Born is just Vol. 2 of Day & Age, I don’t think it’s a bad thing. It doesn’t make a ton of sense when we penalize bands for not doing a complete sound overhaul and general re-invention every time they release an album. I mean, if you dig a band’s sound then, ja, be stoked when they keep it? Right? Plus, it’s been four years since Day & Age graced the shelves, they’re hardly forcing repetition in our ears.

I think what’s happening here is that I’m predicting a barrage of criticisms and pessimistic outlooks from ‘the usuals’ and automatically trying to defend The Killers. You know, because my opinion impacts album sales directly?

Ok, flip, this post could have just read as follows:

The Killers released their first single off their new album Battle Born. Sounds pretty cool, if there’s a hook, it’s hard to find.Also, it sounds a lot like the old album. That’s ok, I like the old album. I also really like their first album and I secretly hope that if they decide to repeat a sound again, I hope it’s that of Hot Fuss. Also, one time, at a Killers concert in Cape Town, we had really good spots and were too scared to leave them, so we secretly pee’d into the gap between us and the rich kids.

Yip, I could have just said that.

What do you think? Are you guys amped or not, let us know in the comments. Listen to Runaways here:

Also, here’s the trailer for the new album: