Zim Zala Bim – New Desmonds & The Tutus Music Video

Jussie ouens,

Since Desmond released their teaser video for NMusic, I’ve been convinced that Illovo, Jozi must have recently been introduced to some new high-grade psychedelics.

Well, this is their new music for ‘Zim Zala Bim’.. It seems that ‘The Mysterious’ is new honorary 5th member of the outfit. If you don’t know who The Mysterious is, don’t worry, you’ll figure it out pretty soon after watching the video. He’s likely to sell you the new album with guarantees of it deterring pesky rats and in all likelihood record growth in your trousers.

The Mysterious with Desmond and the Tutus

The Mysterious and his subordinates, casts their magic spell on us.

Incidentally, the new album, NMusic, should be available now… or really soon… or, just, in the future.

With lyrics like: ‘He’s got magic wands for drumsticks, pulls rabbits out of the snare’ you just can’t go wrong. This is an epic party song, right in line with the legacy that Desmond plans to leave behind on this planet. This song, played live to the loyal Desmond-Durban crowd, will induce spontaneous peeing everywhere. Enjoy:

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