It’s Top Gear Weekend: All You Need To Know

It’s hard writing for the young and young-at-heart, it means you have to forego heaven-sent punning opportunities like: ‘Get Into Top Gear This Weekend!’ or ‘It’s Top Gear Weekend: Are You Revvy?’.. Oh well, The Mercury can use them for free.

Anyway, so this weekend sees the debut of the annual Top Gear Festival in Durban, and we couldn’t be more excited. Here’s what you need to know:

‘Mobile’ Isn’t Just What A Car Makes You

You might think that at the top of our information priority list is parking issues, show times and the exact GPS coordinates of the festival’s boerewors roll stand… no.

The first thing you need to do, is make sure you jump onto your phone right now, follow all the accounts below (you can do most of it while you’re on this page) and bookmark the necessary web pages. With your phone on you all the time, this might be a good weekend to test your theory on the impotence of twitter or phones that do more than SMSing. You’ll be proved wrong. Keep an eye on these accounts and sites over the weekend and you’ll probably find that all the answers on the information priority list are delivered straight to you, before you even thought of asking…


The Top Gear Fest SA twitter account will be running updates, news and all info the whole weekend! This is NB!

… if you’re more fluent in Facebook then you are in Twitter, then get your info from their Fan Page:
(refresh page, if interactive badge doesn’t display below here)

We’ll also be there with a running commentary on twitter during the show, so follow @zero31laka for the local perspective


Then there were three, follow our favourite English gentlemen as they own our city for one very ungentlemanly weekend:

Jeremy Clarkson

Richard Hammond

James May

Sasha Martinengo will also be presenting as the in-house Zaffa:


Now, For Everything Else


Parking & Road Closures

Top Gear Festival Parking Map

Bear in mind, if you actually want parking you need to buy a parking ticket.
Head on over and bookmark THIS PAGE for all your parking info.


Top Gear Road Closures

View and bookmark THIS PAGE for full road closure info.


Plan Your Day

Top Gear Recommended Time Table

This is straight of the site… but there is tons more info.. Bookmark THIS PAGE to check it all!

What Does Your Ticket Get You

Here’s a little graphic indicating ticket-seat allocation for the live shows. Again, though there’s a lot more niggly information you might want to check out. As above, follow the photo caption for the relative page!

Top Gear Live Seating

This is how the seating allocation is going down.
Check out and bookmark THIS PAGE for exactly where your ticket will and will not let you go.

Right, so that’s all you need to know. Remember, you’ll probably cover all bases just by following the guys on Twitter and Facebook.

If you’re missing out this year, drop us a tweet @zero31laka and let us know what you want us to check out for you and post on Twitter or Facebook.

Much Love,