A 1000 Verbs: Top Gear Festival – A Review Preview

It’s all over. We can hardly believe it but now that we have tasted of #topgearfest glory we’re already planning and psyching ourselves up for next year.

Here’s the deal, we got a truck-load of content we want to show you if you missed it or if you want to relive the memories, so we’ll be pushing it out over the next few days. Some written reviews as well as our ‘A 1000 Verbs’ format, which most of you know is our photo-only type of post, like this one.

This is just a quick teaser, of some teaser photos but within an hour of two we’ll have our first specific coverage post up: “A 1000 Verbs: The TGF Street Circuit”… You won’t want to miss it.

Before you throw yourselves at the photos below, watch Richard Hammond, James May and Jeremy Clarkson deliver their verdict on Durban and the Top Gear Festival at the events closing dinner (It’s a bit shaky, but hey). [June 26, UPDATE: Scrap that, it was up, now it’s down… let’s just say I got 5 calls from 5 different people in 10 minutes, and the acronym ‘BBC’ came up in all of them. My bad. Hey, at least we were exclusive for, like, a week or something.]

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The Top Gear Three Deliver Their Verdict

Hmmm, as pointed out above there’s nothing to see here, so just scroll down cowboy.

A Taste Of What’s To Come..

To see the image full-size, you’ll need to click through on it twice…