We Were Here, Cell C, BASA present: The Deep End

There is something magical about this city and Luke Pallet and Dave Fisher captured the feeling of being at the Gangs of Ballet EP launch perfectly. One of my favourite videos this year, so far.

Watching the first few seconds of the video took me right back to that night. Waiting for people to come, sure that the rain would put them off. Positively certain that Durbanites would live up to their reputation of being fickle and unable to handle any of the elements, except pure sunshine, without whining like a group of school-girls having to crawl through mud on a Spirit of Adventure camp (those chicks used to rash the hemorrhoids right off my ass).

And how embarrasing, Gazelle are standing right near the pool and probably thinking the same thing I am: Durban is staying home either because they’re scared of rain… or because their moms assured them that town was filled with black people who wanted to kill them. Umhlanga kids have a hard time slumming it in Glenwood or Umbilo, I can imagine how obscene the notion of parking your car near City Hall at night must be. Oh well. We tried.

A better backdrop, you will struggle to find.

But, as you’ll notice, that part of the video only lasts a few seconds, just like my pessimism that night. And just like the video, all of a sudden, there were people.

That’ll teach me to trust pessimism.

Niether rain, nor cold, nor parking-ticket-loss, nor class-based stereotypes would have hold over the desires of Durban’s youth- eager to come together, culturally exchange and listen to some damn good music.

In an abandoned pool, opposite City Hall, we partied our asses off!


– Go check out the Zero31 Facebook page to check out our photo coverage of the night.

Cell C, Business and Arts South Africa, We Were Here presents:
Gangs of Ballet EP launch in the DEEP END, Durban.
Shot and Edited by: Luke Pallett, Dave Fisher