The Story Behind STORY Sessions #5: What You’re In For.

This is really an important event for any water-loving Durbanite.. or, any Durban-loving person actually. The story of Marine Surf Lifesaving Club, a fixture on our beachfront’s promenade that we have all come to know, is an extraordinary one.

Every new STORY Sessions fan, leaves with theses words: “I can’t believe I missed out on the others.” Don’t make the same mistake. Seriously, get there. It’d flippin free yo!

The latest article from the STORY Sessions blog reads:


With under a week left to our next STORY Sessions event, it’s time to let you know what to expect.

May 16 will see two firsts in the STORY Sessions portfolio:

Stories Under Stars

For the first time, we will be holding a STORY event completely outdoors. Given the other parts of the event: the food and drink stalls, the live music, the social dynamic… we think the addition of having it all under the stars and next to the sea is going to make this a night to remember. Even the rustic setting that we’ll find ourselves in, will help paint a picture of the STORY that is Marine Surf Life Saving Club.

If you haven’t heard by now, the actual venue for the night is Parkade B of uShaka Marine World. Note, the difference: not uShaka Marine World but specifically Parkade B of uShaka. Directions to the venue are fairly simple, and I think it’s safe to say parking won’t be an issue, and obviously it’s free.

Drive as you normally would to get to uShaka, along Mahatma Gandhi (Point) Road. Drive past the normal turn off to uShaka, and turn left into Browns Road instead. Carry on down Browns’ and you’ll see the entrance to Parkade B on your left. Check out the map if you need a bit more clarity.

A Community on Stage

This event is about attitude and how it shapes the future.

The STORY is about youngsters who now believe in themselves and can take on the future with the correct perception about our nation. It really is a condensed version of what SA should be like – no stigma’s, no racial divides…. just giving, serving and heart.

This is not a STORY that only one person can tell, so this STORY Sessions will see our first event with a panel format. All the key players in the community telling their story together, with one voice. Here’s who will be joining us on stage:

  • Trevor Martin: Chairman of the Marine Surf Lifesaving Club, Trevor will be able to describe where MSLC has come from, how it’s impacted them now and the vision for its future.
  • Mark Lewin: owner of Custom Kayaks, is on the MSLC committee and his heart for development has led to many youngsters laying hold of a future they might not have had.
  • Barry Lewin: A champion paddler, his role in development shows his willingness to share his talents and ‘pay it forward. He has personal website, Get yourself acquainted.
  • Thando Thusi: Now the senior lifeguard at Marine Beach, Thando is not only fruit of the great work Marine Surf Life Saving club has done, but an example that anything is achievable… despite circumstance.

Let The People Feast

A night like this wouldn’t be complete without awesome food, coffee and the odd glass of wine. On either side of the main event you’ll be able to purchase food and beverages from the stalls set-up by Durban’s Night Market guru, Darryl Hofmann.

Roly Struckmeyer will be performing on the night as well. This just gets better and better.

So, see you there.
The STORY Sessions Team