WIN! Become An International Travel Reporter – Sponsored Video

If you didn’t make the cut for the Top Billing auditions, fear not! An unlikely organisation needs someone to see the world… and you can put it on their tab while you’re at it.

Hell, even if you don’t make it, you still stand half a chance of going to Amsterdam… read on!

That could be you, taking photos in the Republic of Hipster Land!

See the World with SPAR is a national search to find an enthusiastic, adventurous, energetic reporter to explore a world of diverse cultures, communities and locals. SPAR South Africa is giving you the chance of a lifetime to travel the world for free!

They’re looking for a travel savvy person, who knows the art of modern journalism, such as spreading the word via social media, blogs, videos and photos.

This video explains it all:(If it doesn’t load, hit refresh)

Of course you have an adventurous attitude and a relentless urge to find out what is around the next corner! You are also a South African resident older than 18 years, have good English skills and are available from the 1st of July 2012 onwards.

Fit the bill? Then all you have to do is create a fun application video, register it, and share it online! Through a clever scoring system, the videos that create the most online interaction will get the highest scores, and candidates with the top 5 ranked videos will be invited for the final selection rounds.

Go to the How It Works section on to find out more!

Just so you know, this is a sponsored post… we still think travelling around the world is an epic idea, so…. GO!