Wakaberry Umhlanga: Opening As You Read This!

Confession time. I have never had Wakaberry… not until last night. Never understood the fuss over frozen yoghurt with various toppings as it’s er, frozen yoghurt. But oh boy, was my ignorance my demise. Turns out, I’ve been missing out.

TwoSlice and I attended the launch of the new Wakaberry in Umhlanga last night, which officially opens today for the rest of you.

We bumped into the ever lovely Rory and Julie Smith-Belton of LudoPolice fame. These said faces were stuffed with their favourite delight of FroYo, so conversations at first were minimal. When our faces were finally stocked with copious amounts of cooling goodness and we were able to use our mouths for communicating instead of devouring, all you heard buzzing in the room was praise for the wonder that is Wakaberry’s FroYo.

Speech time! Michelle, one of the founding members who started Wakaberry in South Africa (bless them for their wisdom) is passionate about the company’s roots: “We are from Durban. It was born in Durban and we want Wakaberry to be a Durban brand.”

That’s right kids, Wakaberry was first ever in Durban, the beautiful zero31. Wakaberry in Florida Road was the first store in SA, expanding then to Durban North, Ballito, Lonehill in Jozi, Stellenbosch in the Cape and now back to KZN with Umhlanga joining in the glory.

If you’re around the weekend of 19th & 20th then make sure you find yourself down at the Wakaberry in Florida Road for their 1st year anniversary. They’ve got mad plans for a good celebration. Hey Hustler and Asleep In Transit will be performing, giving your ears all the joy that their frozen yoghurt gives your stomachs. Luise from Wakaberry is keeping us in the know of the plans so watch this space for more info regarding the event. Heck, I love me some good music and FroYo. It’s gonna be a weekend win.

They’ve got stores opening soon in Hillcrest and Pietermaritzburg. So eager beavers that live yonder side, the joy will soon be with you too. With a potential of 18-20 stores in the pipeline, Wakaberry are definitely in their way to a national FroYo take over, and we love it.

Wakaberry is to your modern day hipster youngen, what malt shops were to kids in the 50’s. It’s vibey. It’s different. It’s happy. A place parents will allow their youngest offspring to go. Finding their place in a market that will hold these bad boys till they run the world. Wakaberry is a fixture that will stand for good. I’m now a believer too.

Ok, you’ve read it. Now go. Drop us a comment below this post or catch us on twitter at @zero31laka and let us know what what you thought of experience!

Wakaberry FroYo, you got me. You got me good.