Thomas Krane: God Of Small Things – Live at Cake or Death

Oh my, Thomas Krane…

I don’t know if I ever did or didn’t, but I remember that over a year a go this Durban band blew me away so much, that I labelled them as the most underrated and best kept secret this city has. I might have swapped ‘city’ for ‘universe’.

In fact, my favourite song of theirs, ‘Build Us A Tower’, was played as my first dance at my wedding. To this day, people still come up to me and ask me about ‘the wedding song’.

You can’t say it’s the simplicity, even though a part of you is determined to, that sets them apart because while they do have moments of structured, minimalistic music – Front-Man-Dan’s vocal journeys are far from anything easy to replicate. Lyrically… guitar riffs… unseen crescendos… multi-use instruments… it all gets you. Now that F.M.D. is journeying in Europe, I have no idea what the future holds.

Anyway.. here is one of my favourite bands playing a song I had not heard of until I saw this video:

We Were Here and Union present

Thomas Krane performing God of Small Things at Cake or Death on 28th March 2012.

Cake or Death is a show held at The COLLECTIVE in Florida Road, Durban. Every second Wednesday, 7pm.

Live recording by Tyrin Hale of Union.
Filmed by Allister Christie and Lee Garrett
Edited by Allister Christie