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The Plastics Release Music Video for ‘Stereo Kids’

Cape Town band, The Plastics, have just released the new music video for their not-so-new single… Stereo Kids. The track has been sitting pretty on radio charts for a while now and doesn’t look like it is going anywhere soon.

The song seems to be driven lyrically by a sense of nostalgia and we have to say that director Robert Smith has done an epic job at translating it visually.

The Plastics are a hard-working bunch and one of the few bands I know that make their way to Durban gigs with smiles on their faces. Headlining Red Eye! 2010 was a highlight of the whole event and their following gig at Unit 11 showed even more growth. We’re stoked at the success Stereo Kids is getting on the airwaves, and hope it brings them back gigging here soon. Probably, when the second album is finished, right?


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