Gangs of Ballet and The Parlotones – The Socialite Showcase

Local lifestyle and entertainment site, The Socialite, have put out their latest vid, together with zalebs, covering the recent Botanical Gardens gig where Gangs of Ballet opened for The Parlot Ones.

To be honest, we’re probably only talking about this video because Gangs is in it. To be more honest, I’m not even entirely sure what the video is supposed to be, it’s like a cross between an interview and a preview: a previnterview, if you will.

All we know is that this was probably a really important moment, career-wise, for the band that’s currently making Durban proud with it’s high level of commitment to the city and even higher musical standard that they set for themselves when they perform. For that reason alone, we’ll make space for anything they’re involved in.

Big up to The Socialite for showcasing Gangs. Go check the site out, it’s pretty cool.

[ Sidenote: It’s a totally different vibe, but my word people, we need to start pushing The Anti Retro Vinyls more. Amaze-balls! (as our favourite reader would say) ]

Useful link-vibes you might want to know:

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