Mike van Heerden: Local Boy Does Good At Design Indaba 2012 Mar22


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Mike van Heerden: Local Boy Does Good At Design Indaba 2012

Mike van Heerden is a Transformer. A man-genius that’s kind of like a machine that then turns into another machine that uses lasers and all sorts of white magic to turn wood into something you wouldn’t assume you’d need to sit on.

The Transformer won Best Creative Stand at this years Design Indaba Expo. As much as I struggle holding back urges to regurgitate yesterday’s food whenever someone wants to engage in a conversation about Design Indaba, I’ll gladly dedicate a piece of the blog to it.

Only because, Mike doesn’t seem like the pretentious, head up his own backside cracker you usually find at these vibes.. and so he deserves the acknowledgement. Well, that and his incredible talent and skill.

Here’s the vid detailing his Design Indaba conquest:

You can also head over to his online portfolio to check his work out, or even pop into Nev The Barber who uses Mike’s creations as shop-fittings.

He’s a local at The Corner Cafe and you’ll check from miles away because he never seems to go anywhere without that sling bag… ja, the one he wore even when accepted his prize. Nice.

Transformer, out.