Gangs of Ballet EP Launch: WIN TICKETS!

Easily the most anticipated gig to happen so far this year, well, for a large part of Durban’s music community at least, will be this Friday’s Gangs of Ballet EP Launch in the middle of town.

If you’re freaked out about it being the middle of town wait until you hear that it’s all taking place in a huge abandoned swimming pool… also, it’s taking place in huge abandoned swimming pool. Read on dear reader…

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I’m starting to struggle remembering my ever-growing list of things that makes this gig amazing, but here are some:

  • It’s Gangs of Ballet launching an album..
  • Gazelle is verlaating the plaas and through a series of events which we are very happy about, is on the bill.
  • Cath Grenfell (5fm) who loves local music just as much as us, will make sure the music never gets turned down.
  • It’s in the middle of town.
  • It’s in a freaking huge empty swimming pool… in the middle of town.
  • It’s the first sign I’ve seen in a long time of business getting behind a form of arts that normal people can relate to.

Yes, this is where you will be Breaking The Silence on Friday!

Gangs of Ballet - Photo by Chris da Canha

Gangs of Ballet - Photo by Chris da Canha


Cath Grenfell (5fm) who loves local music just as much as us, will make sure the music never gets turned down.

So firstly, big up to Cell C and BASA for getting behind this project and dishing out the budget needed for us all to have a good time.. Cell C, good choice on backing Gangs in general!

In 2010, I went to the Red Eye Jomba! street party vibe in town and in 2011 it was Interpret Durban at City Hall. Both those events were beyond memorable and I can never wait to get back to a CBD jol. With the current shortage of venues in Durban, this is a prime example of how we can reclaim parts of the city that have been overlooked and turn them into life-giving, memory-making, pockets of energy and creativity.

BASA and Cell C - making it happen!


Gangs of Ballet EP launch with Gazelle and Cath Grenfell (5fm)

When: 30th March 2012, 7pm – 1am
Where: Medwood Gardens swimming pool, Dr Pixley Ka seme St (West St), City Centre (opposite the City Hall) Bands: Gangs of Ballet, Gazelle
DJ: Cath Grenfell (5FM)
Tickets: R60 at the door or through Web Tickets. Limited availability. (Scroll down to win)
General: No under 18. Cash bar available.
Parking: There will be security marshals positioned in the streets of the local vicinity and along the routes from the Royal Hotel and Albany parkade to the venue.


[UPDATE: COMP CLOSED – Mike Celliers and Sne Gaga each get a ticket]

We have 2 tickets to give away for this epic and unique event. All you have to do, is drop a comment (or a pic I suppose) below and tell us about your own “Deep End” experience to stand a chance of winning.

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Before you go, if you haven’t seen it already, check out Gangs’ ultra short doccie vibe with Cell C:

Alright scenester-swimsters, bring your Disney themed floaty arm-bands and a spare oxygen tank.
You’re gonna need it!

Water hugs,
TwoSlice Dré