Two Door Cinema Club: Win Tickets With Zero31

You would have seen in an earlier post how pleased we were to tell our readers that international Ginger-fronted band Two Door Cinema Club are coming to South Africa next month, thanks to the good folk at 5 Gum…

When we say good folk, we mean it!

Zero31 now has three double tickets to give away to our loyal readers! Yes, that’s right, three. If you do the math, I think you’ll find that it really means SIX of you will be going.


How It Will Work

If you weren’t one of the lucky ones to win initially, you’ll still have a second chance with us. Well, technically you’ll have three double chances.

Just chilling... at Nev The Barber's apparently!

We will be giving away a set of double tickets through each of our social channels: A set through the blog, a set through the Facebook page, and lastly on our twitter vibes. That’s three chances!

Because virtual blood is thicker than I’ll-pop-in-when-I-can water, we’ll make sure our family win. So all you have to do for now is make sure that you and your friend are either signed up to the blog newsletter, follow us on twitter or fans on Facebook … if you’re smart … all three.

What’s more you can choose if you want to go to the Jozi or Cape Town event.

If you carry on reading you won’t even have to leave this page to do most of it!

I have a feeling the girl to guy ratio might be massively skewed on this comp.


For Those Who Get Confused Easily, Here We Go

Triple your chances by doing the following
[Disclaimer: we don’t really know how to calculate odds, but triple seemed right] –

1) Make sure you’ve signed up to the blog

Look to your right, silly!


2) Become fans of the Facebook page (if it doesn’t show below, just refresh the page)



3) Follow us on Twitter




I can’t see us doing the whole “send us a picture of your boobs” or  “create a five minute video of your love for TDCC and put it on Facebook tagging us and all our subsidiaries” thing, in all likelhood, just be a part of the Zero31 online community and we’ll use a randomiser software thingy to just choose someone from each channel.

And lastly, if you go to the Joburg show and you’re up for it, hook up with us on the night and we’ll follow your adventure and blog about it!

Remember, we’re giving away a set through each channel so make sure you got all your bases covered. (Whoever you want to take with you should be a part of the family too).

Now, don’t be selfish… tell your friends about it too!


Have fun!