Isochronous To Play With Two Door Cinema Club.

God loves us… and here’s how I know how –

A little while ago, sound-shaping Pretoria outfit, Isochronous, announced via their website that they’d be opening for Two Door Cinema Club during the UK band’s tour of the country.

I’m not exactly sure how the “Rocking The Daisies” guys fit in, and also, they only make mention of the gig on the 2nd, no mention of the third. Either way, if you’ve wanting to go to the Joburg TDCC gig,  the #5GumExperience is just got even hotter.

Go read the full press release at Isochronous’ site… here.

We can like to be playing wif twee deur..

'ay! We tink dem guys is crack.. argy bargy leprechaun! hoora!

Remember you can’t go to the TDCC concerts without tickets, and tickets aren’t being sold, only given away. To find out how you can stand the chance get your hands on some go check out our competitions page ekse! No laka!

I’ll tell you what’s awesome – hearing some inland kids that are can speak wif a bit of a accent… and then blow your sokkie-stereotypes with sonic awe.

Here’s their latest music video for the single Destiny. For some reason, in the beginning, the bassist is made to look like an understudy for a Twilight role… but that’s no reason to judge a person, I once ordered a single brandy and coke. Still a rad tune..

Now get your self acquainted..