FTTW Meets Louis Minnaar In Stellar Love Chase

I couldn’t be happier for Fire Through The Window right now. The new video is out, signalling the impending arrival of the new EP, which in turn should bear new fruit, new fans and new steps planted down on their journey to success.

I get it, I’m being quite soppy and inspirational speaker-y for this early in the morning (sure, it’s an hour before midday but everything is relative… to coffee intake) but the fact that the guys and gal of Fire Through The Widow have gone recognised Louis Minnaar as someone to work with is inspiring in itself and shows that they have their head in the game.

Minaar is the force behind the wave of top-notch CGI based music videos coming out recently. Afrikaans-speaking titans, Die Heuwels Fantasies, seem to be committed to their relationship with him and for good reason…

The video in question, Long Gone, is the first single off the soon-to-be-released EP, Live Long.

I do not have the time today, or the words, to describe my love for this country, it’s music across all of our individual cultures and the future of it all.

Gees, I need to stop watching Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.

Anyway, below is the new Fire Through The Window video and another from Louis portfolio with Die Heuwels Fantasties. Enjoy.

Here is DHF’s Modus Operandi. The musically aware among you should recognise the voice behind the slender female featuring artist.. Another great Louis Minnaar vid, check more out here.