For All Of You With ‘Clients’ Feb27


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For All Of You With ‘Clients’

I saw a friend share The Tantrum on Facebook and I almost cried, from both the laughter aches and the very real memory of some of the most frustrating jobs I had ever worked on. We’ve all had a client that brings this out of us. For what it’s worth, I managed to limit my breakdowns to confined spaces like garden-shed toilets at the back of the office or cradled in my spouses arms like a baby while she watched re-runs of “How Do I Look?”.

Follow the publisher link and you’ll see that ad agency, AAF, in Dallas, U.Essay is putting out some promos for what is the Dallas equivalent of The Loeries, being a conservative state, it might be hard to match the volumes of cocaine and keys-in-a-fishbowl that the mother city has to offer.

The gist is basically the effects of what happens when ad people take their work home with them.

My favourite: “Keep this up, and you’re gonna be a copy writer”. I had to laugh, because deep down it cut.