Bouwer Bosch – Vertel My (Staar, Dans, Soen)

Imagine an Afrikaans Will Ferrell and you have Bouwer Bosch.
Imagine an Afrikaans version of a good version of a solo artist, and once more, you get Bouwer.

Since Straatligkinders decided to call it a day (please Lord, let it just be a one of those “taking-a-break-but-will-be-back-in-a-year-or-two) Bouwer Bosch has been a busy man pushing Dans Dans Lisa, his permanent co-lab with Glaskas frontman Deon Meiring and his own solo career.

His solo album now available for you to enjoy, here is a ever-so-poppy release off the album. It’s warm, fuzzy and makes you want to go tell your lady how you’ve always love her and would love your children to have her eyes. You know, the lady that doesn’t know you exist yet. Carpe Diem lovers.

Name-drop* : My wife has stayed with the lady who co-stars as Bouwer’s hopeful conquest and apparently she’s pretty rad.

* I don’t know her name.