Asleep In Transit – Brother, Sister

If memory serves me correct, Durban act Asleep In Transit were semi-locals at Unit 11 on any genre-specific evening. For some reason I never got to sit down and listen to them properly… until someone sent me the link to their new music video. Seriously, it’s quite cool.

The video is well shot. I want to say the guitar could sound just a little less tinny but I have a feeling it might be like a whole quasi-folk sound-vibe or something… so I’ll stay out of that one. Beautiful harmonies, beautiful people… nice.

I’ll be honest and say I half expected them to let me down lyrically, in that I assumed everything would rhyme in that painfully obvious way that tends to be the Achilles heel of a lot of groups in this genre. They nail it musically and melodically, but are often unpracticed and shockingly weak lyrically.

Again, not so here.

Just a good flipping track if you’re into this vibe and from what I can gather there’s an EP out. So we all win. Another quality Durban band coming up the ranks… surely?!

Go download more of the tracks, FOR FREE, from their Facebook page. Here it is –