Van Coke Kartel’s New Video – Wynand Looks Like My Ouma.

So here’s the brand new music video from one of our favourite bands, Van Coke Kartel.

It’s the second single off their brand new album titled Wie’s Bang. I personally own this album and can vouch for it’s awesomeness, driving guitars and true-to-form dutchie rebellion.

The Van Coke Kartel boys do drag for their new music video, Dis 'n Land.

Be prepared for an army of Oumas waging a FORWARD THIS SMS war against blasphemous music video depicting church secretaries singing Rock n Roll.

This song, Dis ‘n Land, is probably the more radio friendly on the album, musically speaking… but lyrically, it highlights the perceived contradictions-slash-hypocrisies that seem to co-exist in our country without any sort of shock.

As the video goes on I get more and more convinced that all Afrikaans woman must end up just looking more and more like their husbands as they get older. It’s that, or Francois and Wynand were just born for drag. Wynand… wow, you look just like my Ouma bru… now why don’t you put down that bass guitar and make me some Oxtail soup, with koeksisters and Koffiehuis while I wait..

Anyway, here’s the video.