The “Crime Seen” Tour: SST Lead The Way Again, Criminals!

There is a reason they are billed as an “alternative” tour company. The kids at Street Scene Tours never cease to surprise me. Whether it’s a clever play on words, a new one-of-a-kind product, or staff that look like they could come straight out of a rock band…

How about all three? Okay.

I give you The “Crime Seen” Tour.

Amidst the current campaign to educate people on the beauty and benefits of graffiti art in our city, and on the back of the arrest of the seven, Street Scene, together with Gangs of Graffiti and The Collective Gallery, are bringing you a once-off (as in, there is only one tour taking place) opportunity to explore your city through spray-paint tinted glasses.

I can't get over how epic this guy's style is. Loving his work.

The crux here is that sometimes we just need to admit that we need help. You know how when your friends have been telling you something about yourself for jare-lank that you refuse to believe because it would mean you’re flawed, then you think it might be starting to see it, then you pre-empt their Dr. Phil style intervention by asking for help… well, this is the same thing.

You’ve been driving down the same road for years now to get to work, another one to get home. Those two alleys you need to cruise down when you need to find beer to take to a braai but it’s after 8pm. That same house on the corner you pass on your way to gym every *insert frequency of choice* (day/week/month/looming-threat-of-an-imminent-apocalypse). Oh, and that huge building near the highway, when you’re going to go night-stalk that stekkie in Umhlanga who you met in the queue at Spar and gleaned her address off her post while she was paying..

Everyday, routinely, you’re passing some of the greatest urban art expression in this country.. nay, the world. You just need help. You just need someone, just for the first time, to take you by the hand and show you.. “This is cool street art done by Fuzzy MacFuzzster, and this is a renowned piece by The Ding-Dong Kid… oh and look over, there an example of some crappy vandalism that has nothing to do with street art…”. 

You know what comes next, right? About 10 000 street cred points get deposited into your account. ‘Cos you know you’re gonna be that guy that’s waxing lyrical to all his mates every time he gives anyone a lift anywhere.. “Oh check it, you see that wall over there, that’s a piece by Fuzzy MacFuzzster.. How do I know that? Gees, dude, I just know street culture vibes”.

if you haven't seen this, then you drive with your eyes closed... and are potentially a hazard to pedestrians.

This tour is a must for any genuine art enthusiast, and given the current climate in the press and around dinner tables, it wouldn’t hurt to actually give a crap and educate your mind and your heart. And when it comes to an education, it doesn’t get much better than Prof. Iain EWOK Robinson leading you in the right direction as your tour guide for the day. (Play on words. Check. Unique product. Check. Rock star tour guide. Double Check.)

Ewok and the S.A.P.S. at Corner

Mobile-Professor of Street Art, EWOK. at the muralizing of Corner Café

The tour is a straight R200 and seats are limited.. so get hold of Street Scene and get what’s yours daddy.

Here’s a little joy-snippet from the press release:

Starting and ending at THE COLLECTIVE Gallery, Durban’s freshest Art space that is currently hosting the “Follow Your Art” Street Art inspired exhibition, Street Scene will transport you in comfort and style as you roll from “crime scene” to “crime scene”, diving into the unseen realm of urban art expression.
The tour begins mid-morning on Saturday the 10th of September and finishes with a complimentary drink at THE COLLECTIVE in the mid-afternoon.

Just once, seize the day.
TwoSlice Dré