The Battle of Thing: From World War II to Medieval Comedy

Remember this video, The Durban Comedy Invasion

Well the boys are back, some of them, in a Durban School of Comedy short called “Knights of the DBK”.

I will pretty much laugh at any piece of video that shows Dusty Rich running. Also, together with the last video, I’m getting really keen to see Glen Bo live. Besides a really-itsy-bitsy-tiny-probably-just-blurted-out-while-trying-to-wrap-up-filming-before-another-meeting reference to an Izzard line, he’s made me laugh quite a lot in every video I see of him.

See what I mean...

What I’m enjoying about these videos, is that they not at all based on punch lines only. Laughter comes from the environment that’s been thought out and the small little things.. like saying “Nay” during a game of charades and invisible hand-binoculars. Why this is important is that it’s a sign that our Durban comedians aren’t just funny, but smart as well.

What I will also say is that this video has a large segment of it dedicated to a couple of guys hitting each other in the balls… and really, isn’t that what life is all about.

Invisible Hand-binoculars

Invisible Hand-binoculars... gets me every time.

It’s time for me to get off my backside and go fill a chair at a club. You should join me. Until then, watch the video:

Make your way to or follow the gents on twitter: @dustyrich, @standupglenbo and @durbancomedy.

Laughter Love (the kind from pixies),
TwoSlice Dré