Shaun Tomson At Story Sessions #3

The lads from Story Sessions are out doing themselves, much like tomorrow’s second installment of Interpret Durban, they’re going bigger and better all the time.

Given this weeks focus on the Hurley Pro, and Kelly Slater’s win last night, it seems only fitting that this is the right time to let the cat out the bag. First was Gareth Gale, then Aaron McIlroy and now… Shaun Tomson!

Yes, surfing world champ, Shaun Tomson.
Yes, Surfer’s Code, Shaun Tomson.
Yes, Bustin’ Down The Door, Shaun Tomson.

Shaun will be sharing his story at this, the third, series of Story Session live events.

Given this city’s surf foundation, we really should be stoked to see a local sharing at an event like this. I have a feeling this is going to be an incredible night.

Do yourself a favour, go read the full details on the release that Story Sessions put out this morning via their blog. It also includes a little video clip that partly shows the power of Shaun’s story. Click on the image below to follow through to the release..

Click the image to get all the details.

See you there,
TwoSlice Dré