Paradise by Coldplay Premieres on BBC 1 – Take A Listen

Take a listen to the brand new single from Coldplay, called Paradise, that premiered on BBC 1 Radio in the UK, just under an hour ago.

Lately, I’ve found myself hooked on the streaming radio service of Apart from having most of our local radio stations a mouse click away, you can stream pretty much any radio station that’s out there which means I’ve been passing the time listening to UK stations like Xfm, NME, Capitol and BBC 1.

And it was on BBC 1 that Coldplay decided to exclusively premiere the second single off their upcoming fifth full-length, Mylo Xyloto. The album itself comes out on the 24th of this month but if you’ve hooked yourself up with an iTunes account or similiar, you can download the single today.

Coldplay recently released this image of their cover art on Twitter.

We at Zero31 are pretty keen Coldplay fan-boys (more proof can be found on this post) and love the direction they’ve taken over the last two albums. Needless to say, next month’s concert in Joburg will probably leave me with ultimate-euphoria induced tingles and memory loss (an epic concert seems to have the exact same effect on me that copious drinking has on some of you guys).

For those of you who care, this single was written with the godfather of all things electronic… Brian Flipping Eno. I need say no more.

The audio below is from the stream I was listening to, and you’ll know that because SA internet seemed to let me down between 1:55 and 2:01. I’ve left the radio bits in there, you know, to recreate that nostalgic feeling of hearing something for the first time on radio ‘cos that’s all we had, trying to record it onto tape at the same time but messing it up because your finger slipped at the start and you didn’t push “Rec” down with “Play”. Ah, good days.

What was weird was how the “Para- Para- ” line in the chorus immediately took me back to crowds of teenage boys spurring on a fight during lunch break at DHS.

Enjoy! {Update: Coldplay has since release the song on YouTube themselves}

Official Coldplay release

Our original radio-rip from BBC 1

See you in Jozi,
TwoSlice Dré