Nik Rabinowitz: The Photos You Were Supposed To See

Remember that interview we had with national comedic hero, Nik Rabinowitz while he was in Durban for the Comedy Fest?

Well, we were waiting for some photos off a brand new shoot he had done to include in the post, and given that his photographer seems to be the sought-after-so-has-her-hands-full Deborah Rossouw, I ended up needing to push the post out before I could get the images.

No, it wasn’t a case of celeb-types thinking they’re too cool for the small fry, if anything, they were over accommodating. It was more a case of me doing the interview later than I had initially said I would and thus inadvertently rushing everybody. My bad.

Go check out her work, she’s like a female Liam Lynch.. Except, I hope she catches the bastard that seems to have hacked into her portfolio and made it look like she shot Prime Circle and Parlotones stuff. These hackers don’t care what is at stake but at least Deborah now has a conversational entry point if she ever meets Scarlett Johannson.

The Parlotones… anyway, as I was saying..

Here were some of the photos you should’a seen. At the time, they were fire-hot brand spanking new.

Things you’ll post on a Saturday, hey.

Much Love,
TwoSlice Dre

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