‘It’s the Weekend Baby!!’

So…if I was you and the world (Durban’s good enough) was my oyster, this is what I would do on Friday night…

If last year’s ‘Interpret Durban’ is anything to go by then this year is going to be even MORE awesome – City Hall, amazing judges (our very own TwoSlice is one!) and ofcourse incredible Durban talent! Come on people let’s start the weekend with awesome-ness!

It’s also ‘Flip Flop Friday’ – so bring out those flip flops! and it’s all for a good cause, check East Coast Radio for more details.

Saturday is a public holiday (pity its on a Saturday, what a waste of a perfectly good public holiday! anyway…) and time for a good old braai vleis, maybe at DMC! AND swing by UNIT 11 for NEWTOWN KNIFE GANG and THE KIFFNESS or a little ELECTRIC CHURCH at BURN

Sunday is a day to ‘chill’ – maybe at Oscar’s Durban North for some vibes and all!

Have fun people and remember add your gigs to our gig guide – it’s just so much better…

love and holidays