Hi, My Name Is Mark Zuckerberg.. And I Like To Party: Introducing “Timeline”

Hi, My Name Is Mark Zuckerberg.. And I Like To Party: Introducing “Timeline”

I saw a link in my personal twitter feed a few minutes ago that seemed to good to be true.

At this year’s F8 conference, think of it as a really big Southern Baptist Crusade Conference for Facebook-maker and developer type people, two things happened that made me love Facebook all over again.

Before we go there, let me just say the only reason I’m quickly posting this is that really, Facebook keeps gets most blogs off the ground, referred traffic and all those terms… and people who read blogs, like this one for example, are generally avid users of the book.

The Two Things – Andy & The Facebook Timeline

1) Andy Samberg came out on stage as a mock Mark Zuckerberg. Any company that has the brains to use Hot Rod hero, Andy Samberg, in their corporate events is smart and relevant enough to earn my brand loyalty forever. So kill me, I have an Andy man-crush.

One of many reasons I love Andy, besides everything that is the-only-movie-to-never-win-an-oscar-when-it-should-have brilliance of Hot Rod, is The Lonely Island:

Hi, my name is Mark Zuckerberg... and I like to party.

Andy does a keynote!! (If you don't know what a keynote address is you probably don't need to read this post)

The second this that has got all my attention and quite honestly a helluva lot of excitement is what was discussed – Facebook’s new and imminent restructure of how profiles will appear: Timeline

Let’s just say things are getting a lot more of an organic, realistic and most importantly, human touch.

Experiencing it is better than hearing about it.. so check out Facebook’s preview of Timeline.. here. and read more about it here.

Coupled with the new smart lists, I think it’s to epic! Just like Buzz and the other thing they did, I just don’t see Google+ owning the social sphere.

What do you guys think, am I off base here? I think Timeline is epic… and don’t even get me started on the new music integrations and a feature called “Listen With A Friend”.

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