i heart fashion – and so does Megan Carrie!

So last weekend at the ‘i heart market’ I got to hang out with Megan Carrie and catch a  glimpse into her world of fashion!

Tell us a little about yourself…
Well my name is Megan and this is my first year out of school and I am currently studying fashion. I’m a lover of all things second hand and really like the colour tan for accessories! I am Durban born and bred and just love finding things originally Durban – like the ‘I heart Market’. It has been a great opportunity  for young designers. I am on the Style counsel for Seventeen Magazine. Being involved in Seventeen has made a way for other great opportunities. I sometimes get asked to do tasks involving some DIY, (finding easy ideas for our readers) or arrange outfits for say the ‘top ten items for summer’.

What do you do for fun in this beautiful city?
Unit11 is my usual hang out spot at night. During the day – if ‘I heart’ was on every week I’d be very satisfied! but if it’s not on I like to go to Churchills or Freedom cafe for tea, I love breakfasty places. I love finding second hand shops – there is a lovely little one up the coast and another one in Mooi River. Some other places I love to visit are Mooi in Bulwer Road, Bonnie and Clyde at Corner Cafe and The Thrift Collection (which is where you can look online for stuff, you just email them and they will bring it to you!)

So where did your love of fashion start?
I’ve always had a love of fashion – instilled in me because of my Mom. She taught me how to sew when I was younger. I’d known I’d wanted to do fashion, I’m passionate about it. I love to take old clothes and add things – change it up!

Who is your Inspiration?
Alexa Chang

Any advice for us lovers in fashion?
First impressions are huge. If you are dressed well, people with have a better idea of you – if you look sloppy, people going to think differently. It’s hard but especially in the fashion world, people judge you in a second! So look good people!

Where do you shop?
I like Mr Price – I don’t look in the front row, I have to dig, I love finding things that not everyone will wear. I enjoy most of the stores at ‘I heart’ (especially ‘Cinnamon‘), there’s also JayJays and I love Mooi. Most times I will just come home and tweak it – make it more original! I also love to check Miss Molly and the Thrift Collection.

What do you love about Durban?
I love finding new places to have coffee at – I love all these little cafes in houses! I love that Durban is going places. We were stuck in a surf mood for a while and taking inspiration from other cities! I like that its changing up and fashion wise, we are picking up a lot!

Love it!
Thank you Megs for taking the time to hang out with the Zero31 crew – we heart you!

Dark Knight.