Derick Watts & The Sunday Blues About To Viralize With Braaiday

In the last 24 hours a South African made parody of Rebecca Black’s Friday, called Braaiday, has been blowing up online. Well, by South African standards and I’m hoping all the ex-pats that now reside overseas spread the beautiful culture of braaing that is purely South African.

“Oh, other countries do it too but just called a BBQ or another name”, I hear you say. To which I reply “A braai by any other name is not a braai at all… so shut your mouth and don’t you ever speak evil of The Braai again or I’ll inject your wors with salmonella.”

Anyway, so here’s the low down on the video all your friends will be talking about..

The parody is set against the style/theme/concept of Rebecca Black’s song Friday. Rebecca Black should never have released that song but now she can rest knowing that if the result of her video was going to be Braaiday, all the death threats and front porch fan-mail gifts of burning bags of poo was worth it.


The parody itself was filmed and recorded by Derick Watts & The Sunday Blues. By my investigation the group itself is recently formed and quite clearly the name is a tribute to all the Sunday nights Carte Blanche would round off our long weeks with news that the world was not getting any better and that 1 out of 3 people in your household was likely to be a Nigerian pimp.

Derick Watts & The Sunday Blues is in fact Cape Town duo Nicholas Smal and Gareth Allison. While I don’t know much about Allison, the Smal’s reputation precedes them. Nicholas has been playing for SAMA 2011 winning band Versus The Wolf (remember New Altum) and his brother Tim, I can tell you from personal experience, is a well respected influence in the local scene.

The video is set to promote (whether intentionally or not, its going so huge it’s not like they have choice) National Braai Day, which takes place on the 24 September this year. This annual holiday, although not the type where you can sleep in and avoid work, is to remind us all what makes this country great. A love of community, diversity in friendships, good food, great memories, and of course.. a respect for traditional gender-roles.

The only thing I can’t find out is who the girls cutting veggies in the kitchen are. But seeing since this video is about to be posted on hundreds of Afrikaans braai forums over the next few days, I can guarantee you it won’t be too long before some self-forged group of police and military reservists from the Free State put their skills to good use and inform us all.

Ok, that’s everything in a nutshell. Be smart, join their Facebook page, watch the video and when all your mates start to talk about it in the office you can be like “Oh ja, that’s Nick and Gazza’s thing.. you know?” Here we go:

Love you ous like my own little tjoppies,
TwoSlice Dré