Are You An Aspiring Designer/Photographer/Film-Maker? Interpret Durban Is Your Platform: 12 Days Left

By now you have probably heard about the 2nd annual Interpret Durban design competition… however, did you know that it’s not just a pretty face. Even though it’s getting pumped for probably being the biggest musical and lifestyle event this year, Interpret Durban, at its heart, is really a creative platform to highlight the talented gems hiding behind waitering or accounting jobs during the day.

The true by-product of this event is the uplifting of those less fortunate: Similar to last year, auctions will be raising funds for the Umthombo Street Children. In fact, when you’re done reading this, check out these articles we pushed after last years event: ‘I Was In My Element‘, ‘A Play By Play by Juddypoo‘.. anyway, let’s carry on.

Whether you have been designing for years or just got into it, pro or amateur, you can submit your work to be entered into the competition.

It’s grown a lot since last year, I mean, the event is at City Hall this year, that’s huge. Besides the fact that your work will be exposed to a much larger… much, much larger.. audience than last year, this year’s event has actually opened up new categories other than the traditional T-shirt design. So, if you’re a photographer or film-maker, this is your chance.

You getting this all? Bottomline: Massive event. Your talent. Prizes. Exposure. Night of the year. Submit entries by 19 Sep.

Here are the details from the Interpret Durban release on how to enter..

This year’s contest invites creatives to enter submissions for video, tee-shirt designs as well as photographs incorporating this year’s theme.  The top ten finalists’ tees and photography prints will be available to purchase or order on the evening. Live giant tee-shirt Sketch Warz and Umthombo art surf boards will be auctioned. All proceeds from the auction will benefit Umthombo Street Children.

Video installations, live art, food and music will provide the backdrop to energising the city centre and showcase its potential as a vibrant art precinct.


We challenge creatives to share their interpretation of Durban, focused around these 3 words: Rediscover. Reconnect. Reveal.
We aim to highlight Durban talent and make it accessible to all.  The top ten designs will be selected prior to the event, and winners will be decided on the evening, with prizes amounting to over R30 000 up for grabs.


Closing date for entries is on the 19th September at 5pm.
All entries need to be accompanied by; names, contact number, email address and description of entry.


  • Prints must occupy the tee-shirt front in a maximum area of A3. We can’t accommodate designs on sleeves, collars, hems or backs.
  • We will only accept designs in keeping with the theme: Interpret Durban – Rediscover. Reconnect. Reveal. Please keep it tasteful, as well as free of brands or recognisable faces.
  • Tee shirt colours are available in black or white, please specify your selection.
  • All artwork designs submitted remain the property of Street Scene Tours cc.
  • Digital submissions may be made via email to or delivered on disc to the Street Scene headquarters or The Green Hub

Formats accepted for the competition are:

  • Print Quality Adobe PDF
  • 300dpi jpeg
  • Vector Only Adobe Illustrator
  • Vector Only Macromedia Freehand File


  • Hard and electronic copies must be submitted and delivered to the Street Scene headquarters. The electronic version should be between 2MB and 10MB. No more than 3 photos in sequence can constitute an individual entry. The top original prints will be displayed on the evening and electronic versions will be used for reproducibility.
  • All sizes up to a maximum of A3 will be accepted.
  • Subject matter must relate to a celebration of the city of Durban and adhere to the concept of “Rediscover. Reconnect. Reveal”.
  • Street Scene Tours cc retains the right to use all photographs after the event (photographer will always be credited).


  • Video submissions must be between 30 seconds and 1 minute in length.
  • Video content can contain a mix of archival (providing you have consent) and original footage.
  • Can be filmed on anything from a high quality camera phone (720p) to any high end videography equipment.
  • Can be animated, stop motion, experimental animation or live action.
  • Subject matter must relate to a celebration of the city of Durban and adhere to the concept of “Rediscover. Reconnect. Reveal”.
  • Hard copies to be dropped off at Street Scene HQ or, if under 5MB in size, emailed to
  • Top entries will be featured at a screening during the event on the 23rd of September.
  • Entries will be judged on creativity of material and ability to convey your interpretation of Durban.

The Event

23 September 2011 /6 -12pm

  • Exhibit /6.00 – 9.30 pm
  • Audience voting and prizes /8.30pm
Giant tee shirt Sketch Warz and surfboard auction to follow
Party inside City Hall /9pm

So that’s basically it for now.. get it on, submit your entries, enjoy the high-life for a night before you go back home to your flat in Umbilo.

Now a few of you ous are emailing, or catching me on the street, asking me what the dealio is about the event… I’ll be honest, if it wasn’t for the poster I wouldn’t even know what the date was. We’re not really involved at all this year, not by our own wanting, probably by our own lack of coolness.. so if you need to know anything further or want to get a hold of the peeps, go to and click on ‘Interpret Durban’… Easy.. Now get working.

Rediscovering, Reconnecting and revealing my love for you,
TwoSlice Dré