1000 Verbs: Durban Interpreted, A Look Back.

1000 Verbs: Durban Interpreted, A Look Back.

On the 23rd of this month, we see the second annual installment of Interpret Durban, an event aimed at showcasing our city’s talent as well as just giving the rest of us an awesome night out. The growth between the debut event and this year’s is phenomenal. You’ll see what I mean on the night. From a secret show by The La Els to The La Els and ten other artists. From Colombo Roastery to City Hall. It’s grown in every regard.

To appreciate the event in its entirety on the 23rd, take a look back at where it all started. It was a beautiful, beautiful night in the spring of 2010.

If you were there last year… embrace the nostalgia. All photos were taken by Derryn from CityLove Photography.

Hey they even upgraded their MC… This year, good friend and master-act, Dusty Rich (check out his Facebook page) will be hosting you – good luck trying to be bored. Here’s a clip from last year – how cute, my first MC gig ever… I assure you, I’ve got better.

Remember, September 23 will be the party of the year. If you want to get involved and actually enter the competition side of things, read this article now, submission deadline the 19th.

Love you Durban,
TwoSlice Dré