Tight Pockets Unite! The La Els EP Is Free To Download!

The La Els: Damn fine. Damn Sexy.

I stole this off their Facebook page. I'm probably getting sued soon.

This just in..

Our favourite neon boys repping for the East Coast hard, have just told their fans that their new EP is free to download (with help from there sponsor-buddies, Lee Jeans). Girls, be prepared to have your thrift-store pashmina’s blown right off and guys hold onto your low-cuts before they get ripped apart completely.

Go. Download. Listen. Share. For once, be the cool kid that got it before all their friends did.

To get you some free music, follow… this link!

You can still be a hipster when you're old.

Download this EP and you'll still be a cool hipster when you're old like these guys - Money Back Garauntee! (Let's be honest, most of your clothes are from a vintage thrift store, so not a lot of financial risk)

They’re about to hit another tour of Gauteng before coming back home to Unit 11 on September 3. Prepare yourself, learn the lyrics, dance like a constipated dinosaur (I do it all the time, it works).

How To Dance Like A Hipster

Constipated Dinosaur FTW! As usual, expect girls to party-poop your Dino-Parade.


Love you JoJo and your band of hairy men.