This Is The Face Of A Rapist. This Is Not Spam, I’ve Met Him. Aug21


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This Is The Face Of A Rapist. This Is Not Spam, I’ve Met Him.

My name is TwoSlice Dré, I wrote this post myself and not passing on anything that was randomly sent to me.

Man, it’s been a week of heavy stuff on, not usually our vibe but this is important. Send this to every aspiring actor, actress and model you know. I was the first to push images of this guy when he scammed me and some of my friends. Unlike my friends, I only lost time. This time, he’s back in Durban again and he has raped. So I’ll out him again.

This is the face of the “model scout” spoken of in today’s Sunday Tribune headline “Model Raped In Hotel Horror”.

I’m not sure why, maybe it’s inline with INL’s current policy of not telling the full story, but they didn’t show you his picture.. but this is his picture, and this is how I know. I’m losing faith in any association linked to The Mercury, to do their job fully.

During the February/March period of earlier this year, this serial-liar, who wraps himself in born-again Christian lingo to cover himself and lull his victims into a sense of safe security, staged an epic and elaborate series of auditions for “a new lifestyle show on Top TV”.

It was one of the weirdest weeks of my life. Unfortunately for Thomas Bester, his first point of contact was with a good friend of ours who let us know of this opportunity, and with him, we all bought in that this was true. I say unfortunately, because this time he had made contact with Durban’s finest, not a plethora of young, innocent girls who are seemingly unaware of the world’s ways and far too trusting. Thomas Bester was now dealing with incredibly technologically competent and industry savvy individuals.. so when the cracks started to show, we knew and sounded the alarms. When he was still able to escape with the full contents of our friend’s bank account balance.. I was still able to track him down online. Although, he has made some changes and tried to cover his tracks, this scum probably never counted on the fact that he, at some point in his life, was going to scam, me, TwoSlice Dré… my whole career has involved online content and understanding how people use the net.

As soon as I started reading the article in the Sunday Tribune, and the tactics the rapist used (they did not print his name either) I knew it was him. When I followed the continuation of the article a couple of pages on, I saw that the paper had spoken to the same woman, that “Thomas Bester” had paired me with in auditions during the “Top TV” scam.

That scam was huge, he had Durban’s finest in a room.. you’d know them all- local stand-up comedians, guys from our biggest bands, the zero31 guy (that would be me), talented models and business woman, like the one I was paired with.

When he staged the scam we were a victim to, he was out on bail. The cops caught him a few days later. This time, he was apparently out on bail again.

You have no idea how good this guy is.. I can read people. I know and understand people.. but his ability to soothe your instinctive doubts in him with his calm and confident excuses and stories is unbelievable.

I’ve shaken his hand. I’ve had a smoke with him. I’ve driven in a car with him across Durban at 2am in the morning and besides a niggling fear that I might get conned out of some money, I never felt scared. He is good.

From info in today’s article we can assume the last car he was seen in was a “metallic silver-blue Peugeot 206, registration SRL 273 GP”. The car of the innocent girl he lured from Joburg to Durban, and then raped and slashed.

I don’t want to publish any extra info incase, the cops already have it and are using it to catch him, so all I feel comfortable giving you is this post.. Like it, share it, pass it on.

Again, this is not spam. My name is TwoSlice Dré, I wrote this post myself and not passing on anything that was randomly sent to me.