The Good Gig Competition: Get Your Band A Show, Ekse!

Quite simply, Zero31 and band venues all over Durban want to see just how much talent is out there , that’s hiding away in a basement somewhere. If you’re in band but you haven’t really gigged yet then we’re talking to you.

All you need is a demo track or two to send our way.
No, it doesn’t have to sound like it was produced in Mark Ronson’s holiday studio that’s hidden in a cave on the banks of some mountain on a Greek island. Your garage, or your bedroom, will do just fine.

Here’s how we’re going to search for it, and reward it:

  • You send us a track or two that you have laid down with your band.
  • Zero31 put’s your digital pleasure up in a post for all to see with a review from TwoSlice Dré (CV includes: A singing beard, rock show host and interviewer of bands).
  • Your friends and our friends read that post, click “Like” at the bottom and leave encouraging comments… or death threats.
  • We repeat steps 1 − 3 for another band (there’s no room for jealousy).
  • Once we’ve got a few tracks from a few bands, we’ll do one last uber-post with a track from all the entries. Once again, people will rate and vote for the tracks they dig the most.
  • Then Dan Hampton (his CV is far more legit, under “currently” it reads: Hruki, Thomas Krane, and Unit 11) and TwoSlice will choose a winner. The winner gets a slot to open for one of Unit 11’s headline shows. That’s at least  400 people at your first gig. (From there’s it’s probably going to be all downhill until it goes uphill again. Joking! Not really.)

If you think we’re talking kak, the proof…

Submission 1: We once said “Hey, Dan can we do that thing I told you about”.

Submission 2: He replied with a written contract:

You can't argue with Scientific evidence... that definitely wasn't made by me in Paint.

Things Dan will be considering when choosing the winner will be:

  • Mainly, how many people dig you… or if your glass is half empty, how many people hate you.

You will also obviously be put on a bill for an evening where your style would be most appreciated and best suited, so don’t worry about that. No, it’s not because we love you, it’s because Unit has a reputation to up hold.

Don’t Cry Emo Boy!

We’re well aware we can’t put Solo Steve The Folk Man up to open for the next Dirty Skirts or aKing show. The Good Gig competition will be running a second channel for acoustic acts (think one man or two piece type of vibes).

The exact same rules as above apply.

Follow The Progress

Get knowledgeable. Follow Zero31 to keep up on your progress, and make sure you’re attending shows at Unit 11 so you can see what the vibe is.

Unit 11: get all the info you need about the venue at this link. |  blog-  | twitter- @unit11dbn
Zero31: web-  |  twitter- @zero31laka  |

Let’s do this Durban! Start sending in your tracks. Remember, while you only need to send us a track or two to enter, you will need a bit more on the night if you don’t want people to think you’re the real life version of a TV ad break.

Loving you, through the medium of sound,
TwoSlice Dré