‘Story Sessions’ with Aaron McIlroy


So tonight was the second of the ‘Story Sessions’ …and we laughed.our.faces.off… (my cheeks are still recovering!) When I saw the event on facebook, I was curious but with Aaron McIlroy speaking it just had to be a goodie!

I arrived at the artSPACE in Millar Road – promptly at 630 because that’s what time it said – and the place was half full or half empty, whatever…But in true Durban style the place was packed by 7! What a wonderful vibe – beautiful art and beautiful people.

Aaron had us in stiches from the word go…even in the more ‘serious’ moments he was tickling our funny bones! The ‘Story Sessions’ team have a great idea: they are getting people in Durban, who are living their life and living their story, to come and share their story with us – in an interview styled way. It was wonderfully inspiring (and hillarious) to hear Aaron’s life story and how he came to be, where he is now and what the ‘showbiz’ life is like. Go to the facebook page to find out more.

I am so looking forward to the next one! Let’s be inspired Durban, by our fellow Durbanites! Well done Appletree team – I sense great things to follow!

Be there at the next one, you will leave feeling inspired and more proud to be a ‘Durbanite’!

Inspiring Durban