New Angels & Airwaves Video: Anxiety

Tom DeLonge must be feeling pretty good about himself right now: Blink 182 are touring again, his film “Love” just screened in 500 cinemas and now his self-reviewed “greatest band in the world”, Angels & Airwaves, has just released an arguably grandiose video for the leading single off their upcoming album, Love Part II, called “Anxiety”.

Angels & Airwaves haven’t Tom hasn’t deviated from his nostalgic memoirs of him and his band’s apparent time spent in World War II, where they fought off the Japanese invasion of early, techno-based rhythms. In my opinion, it must have ended in a draw.

The video was filmed in Seattle’s Science Fiction Museum, which has the largest video screen in the world, and was directed by Eubank and Mark Eaton.

Despite what you think of AVA and their rise to fame, I personally think this song is quite cool, despite sounding a lot like their other songs. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. Anyway, here it is. What’s your verdict: