Hip Hop Week #2: Your Locnville Alternatives…

This is just a quick education for all the white kids out there – Locnville aren’t really Hip Hop, R & B, or anything that’s supposed to be cool or give them some type of  “seudo-black” street cred (Dammit, I probably just secured my own petrol station beating at BP Moore Road, if they ever tour here).

Before you carry on remember all the rad, and mostly free, Hip Hop gigs happening around our beautiful town this week, brought to you by Durban’s very own heros of Hip Hop. Tonight sees another free film screening at our favourite Durban venue.

So here are some local alternatives to Locnpop that we have come to love:

Bittereinder – A Tale Of Three Cities – feat. Jack Parow & Tumi Molekane

Bittereinder are a new element adding to the unique Afrikaans rap/hip hop vibe in SA. Do a bit of research and you’ll find that it’s a collective of some of South Africa’s most influential musical talents. This particular video is an epic tribute to the lives that we experience as young South Africans growing up in a country that is succeeding slowly but surely, in spite of haters and those who have buggered off, too lazy to try. Jack Parow and Tumi (from Tumi & The Volume) bring in the stories from their respective cities. The only thing that bums me out about this video is that there is no Durban story… a little Ewok, a little Jet Wentworth, perhaps.

Yes, don’t worry, the “Joburg” verse is in English. Rooinek racists. Jokes. Not really.

Purple Hearts – Soldier

Purple Hearts, cool kids are just calling them PH, seriously, have got a lot of attention on our favourite social media platforms lately and it’s mostly due to this one-shot video they just release. Finally, something out of Cape Town that we can all dig without having to earn hipster stripes.

Feel free to educate us, drop us a comment below about Hip Hop styles that are melting your world.