Gangs Of Graffiti Mean Business: Introducing S.A.P.S.

The campaign is nowhere near ending. It’s been a couple of weeks since the news that seven Durbanites, some of then Fine Arts students, were arrested for painting a mural on a wall they believed was more than fair and legit game.

In the wake of the community outrage that flooded the online space after The Mercury newspaper jumped on board to sensationalize the arrest of  ‘a gang’, we offered up our zero31 space to those who needed to vent, and even vented ourselves, until the Gangs of Graffiti site itself was up.

Some of those behind Gangs of Graffiti are also behind the Surface Attack Productions Squad… a crew initiating a city-wide legal wall spree.

Ewok and the S.A.P.S. at Corner

Ewok and the S.A.P.S. at Corner

All of this to create awareness of the future plight of a bunch of artists, wrongfully arrested for vandalism.

Even businesses are getting on board. The first S.A.P.S. project was on an iconic, well-known wall in Glenwood.. watch the video below and if you don’t know this wall or the owner, you need to get out more.

Much love
TwoSlice Dré

Credits: Gangs of Graffiti, Amehlo Productions.