Bunny Hunting 101: Do It With Your Hands

Sik 'em boy!

Imagine the scene: Oh-so-posh riders wearing red coats and white riding breeches, galloping through sun-dappled woods atop their trusty steeds closely following a pack of highly trained hunting dogs whose eyes are literally bulging with effort as they chase an elusive leporid that is practically scared witless by all the sudden unwanted attention.

Yes folks, that’s right, I’m talking about hunting.  Specifically, a spot of bunny-hunting. Except that in our case, we’ve decided to leave the dogs at home, so Thumper can rest easy.  Instead, we’ve decided to focus our attentions on the other kind of bunny – the uniquely Durban meal that even allows you to eat the plate along with the curry filling inside.


The basic idea of the bunny hunt is to review (over the next few weeks) a few of the more well-known curry dens in Durban town as well as one or two that you may not have heard of.

At the end of our hunt, we’re going to call a winner based on a few categories that we’ve come up with:


Ok, this category is pretty self explanatory but flavour is tops on our list because there’s nothing worse than a bland bunny. What we’re looking for here is bold, exciting flavours in the curry that have depth and nuance.


We separated this from flavour because, in our minds, they are two very different things. Curry can be hot and still be bland. What we’re after here is a strength that is medium-hot so you know you’re eating a curry but it won’t leave you red-faced and searching for the glass of milk which never seems to be there when you need it.


Sometimes, the excitement of going to a place that’s in a dodgy part of town to get your food at some ungodly hour can be better than the actual bunny.  I guess it’s because you appreciate it so much more after a scary 2a.m. bunny mission. Also, the ease of finding the place is a big factor here – no one wants to drive around for hours on end looking for half a coca-cola sign peeking out from behind the facade of a bigger, more modern building.

I say old chap, what!


A major consideration for everyone is how much shrapnel one is going to have to fork over for said bunny.  In the middle of a recession, affordability can often be the swing-vote in whether one should spend money on a bunny or just vasbyt until they reach the baked beans and toast at home.

Part of this category will also be value for money.  Does your bunny come with a generous portion of meat or is there just a lot of potato and sauce? Are there sambals served with the bunny and what are they? Do they use a centre-cut or one of the ends? For us, the centre-cut is not optimal since it means less curry filling, not to mention messiness.


Obviously, the atmosphere at a place is really important. Is it a dead spot where you just grab your chow and get out or is there a place where people can sit down and talk whilst eating their bunnies or is it strictly takeaway? Anything that enhances the one’s enjoyment of the place will be counted here.

So, there you have it people. We’re gonna take one for the team and brave the back-alleys of Durbs in search of the best bunny in town.  I think we’d also better stock up on T.P. supplies – we’re probably gonna need it. I’ve already reviewed one spot and my weak wit-ou gut is already waving the white flag. Wish us luck!

Fancy a spot of tea?

P.S. If you know a place that you would really like to see us review and it’s not on our list, please drop us an email or leave a comment and we’ll try our damnedest to include it.

Cool. Cool, cool, cool.