Bunny Hunt #1: House of Curries

Sweet mural

Situated in what is arguably one of the most vibrant neighbourhoods of the city, the House of Curries has become a force to be reckoned with on the Durban restaurant scene.  It opened it’s doors in 1999 but it really became popular about a year ago.  With Durban institutions like Spiga d’ Oro and Taco Zulu in close proximity, The House of Curries has obviously discovered a winning formula in providing large volumes of affordably-priced food to it’s customers.  

I opted for the 1/4 mutton bunny.  It was flavoursome without being overpowering.  The temperature was good – but perhaps a bit on the mild side. There was a quite a lot of meat involved and no bone. They were quite generous with the sauce as well.  

Would you look at that thing?

The cut was a centre cut, but they still managed to fit a lot of curry in and the bread was fresh. There was also a generous portion of sambals – carrot with achar and some tomato and onion salsa – which is generally more than most other places give.  

The sambals

As price goes, it came in at R26 which seems very reasonable to me.  

Besides being a doddle to find and being located in a nice, safe neighbourhood where all the white kids can eat their bunnies without having to face their lifelong fear of going down Sparks road, the major advantage that House of Curries has going for it is the deck outside where one can chill with mates, have a bunnie and a beer and generally just relax.  Even though it is often pumping, you don’t feel rushed to finish and leave.  The only thing that is annoying is the lack of parking but, hey, I guess that’s just Florida Rd. 

Chilled deck vibes

So here’s how the H.O.C. stacks up:




So, if you’re looking for a place where you can go and hang with mates on a sunny afternoon or if you are coming back from one of the clubs in the area after losing your face, H.O.C should be your first port of call.  Love you all long time, Factory