Bunny Hunt #4: Govender’s Curry Kitchen Fuels The Addiction

Just around the corner from Gounden's

I swear, I’m becoming addicted to these damned bunnies! I’m not even kidding: just this morning, whilst driving to work, I had an insanely strong craving for 1/4 mutton loaf of happiness. What, aside from me beginning to look more and more like a bunny chow every day, is happening here people? Can you imagine? The Human Bunny – I could totally embrace that as an online identity or a poison ring-name!  I for one though, can’t wait for The Human Roti to make his appearance on the zero31, though you’ll have to wait for that. But I digress.

Tables R Us? Nope, Govender's to be precise.

Govender’s in Eaton road, Congella, was the next stop on our little tour of the city.  Just metres up the road from Goundens, you will see a large number of wooden picnic tables on the pavement.  Honestly, you’d be forgiven for thinking you’d just found ‘Tables R Us’ but you are, in fact, outside Govender’s Curry Kitchen.

It’s a cool place really, housed in one of those old colonial, red-brick South African Railway house flat buildings, the restaurant is actually rather large, which is not the impression that one gets initially.  As I approached the takeaway section I was instantly transported back to the days when we were lighties – swimming all day at the Tess or Sutton Park and in between splash fights and bomb-drops off the high diving-board running, sopping wet, to get sherbet and suckers from the kiosk.  Weird thought for a curry restaurant, I know, but that’s what I was thinking of.

The takeaway kiosk

The rest of the place is inside and has three sections.  The first is a room with couches and a few tables. Leading off of this room is a section where there are a number of tables covered in plastic table cloths as well as a small bar.  There is also a much larger section, ostensibly for functions, that looks like it can accomodate about 40 people.  There is a raised platform and a sound system and I’m told that they have live music there.

Inside the restaurant: couches and tables

Govender's Curry Kitchen

Pretty big inside

The place was pretty much empty when I was there and most people, including me, were ordering from the takeaway window.  It’s been quiet most of the times that I’ve been there in the past as well, which is the one thing that I might say they could work on. I’m told though, that on Sundays, there is a serious buffet lunch that goes down and the place is filled to overflowing. I’ve made a mental note to try it sometime.

One big chow Eksê!

Anyway,  I ordered a 1/4 mutton to go from the friendly lady and drove home to see what they had. The bunny was a good size, which was good seeing as I was pretty hungry at the time. The curry was nice and saucy with a really, really good flavour and the meat was as tender as the ‘boks must have been two weeks ago.  Heat-wise, it built up and ended up being quite hot but not unbearably so. There was some bone, in the curry, but not a lot.  The bunny came with carrot sambals with a hint of chilli. All in all, I can’t fault the bunny one bit and for R30, you’re getting great value for money.

Here’s how I scored it:
































Bunny chows: the new smack!

Yup, so that’s all I have really. Go try it for yourself and let us know what you think. You can also see their listing on SAFINDit. One name that’s been popping up more often than a scuba diver in a septic tank since this whole thing began is that of Hollywood, so perhaps I’ll check that out next.

Arrivederci, Sayonara and Farewell!