Brand New Heuwels Video Shows Me I Had A Misspent Youth

… in that, I spent way to little time in full-body costumes, vandalizing ice-scream stores, and making suer I hung out with chicks that would probably become models when they’re older. In fact I might be wrong but I think the little ‘ranga in this vid is the same kid in Winterstasie’s Los My video (It’s a goodie).

... all I did was my homework.

So here it is people… the brand new video from my ultimate SA band, ever, for realzies, OMG it’s my imaginary BFFs – Die Heuwels Fantasties.

The video is for their single “Buitenste Ruim” which features on their new album Wilder as die Wildtuin.

By the beard of Zeus, I love this band. Follow them on twitter (@dieheuwels) and engage with them on Facebook, here.
You won’t regret it and you’ll probably pick up a bit of Afrikaans as well – which will pay off the next time your car breaks down just outside Ermelo.

Lief vir julle,