Mondays Are Better With Music: Madeon and Incredibox. One Word – Epic!

This really is turning out to be a good Monday. Music posts as far as the ears and eyes and fingers can see and hear and navigate to with a mouse.

If you missed the news that Blink 182 just released a new single, listen to it here. In the meantime..

Madeon – Pop Culture

I have never had a more holistically entertaining time watching a set of hands move around since 50 Cent got bottled at the Reading festival.

In this vid, mashup maestro Madeon, Launchpad’s his way through 39 songs in three and a half minutes without missing a beat. The end result would make me buy an album filled with dance music just get it… that’s if this “Dance” music all the kids are talking about even exists.

Anyway, behold:

The Mighty Incredibox

This is a beautifully designed flash app which uses samples from a vocal artist called Paul Malburet and lists them as seperate intstruments that you can interact with on the fly and listen to the end result. Just drag any instrument or sound you want on to a white-shirt man and watch him play, a new guy will enter the fray and you can make him do stuff too.

It really is fun. No jokes. In fact, probably just because it’s musically based, this is probably the best use Flash app I’ve ever seen.

You can put it on shuffle mode and listen to all the possibilites. If it doesn’t show up above (give it a little bit to load though), click here instead.

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To a happy end on a happy Monday,