Durban  Gigs: Your Guide To Happiness Jul14


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Durban Gigs: Your Guide To Happiness

As mentioned a couple of posts ago we moved most of the gigs (the kinda one-night-band-gig-type vibe) over to our Facebook page, while our weekly “Durban Gigs” post will feature the longer running events like theatre shows, exhibitions bla bla, as in below:

Theatre and The Arts and Stuff

  • Madame Zingara’s Theatre of Dreams – Suncoast Casino, 1st of June until the 13th August
  • Girls Wanna Rock – Barnyard Theatre/Gateway, 31st May – 10th July
  • Durban Boat and Lifestyle Expo – Durban Marina, 15 – 17 July
  • Wavescape Surf  Film Festival Opening – Bay of Plenty, 24 July
  • Wavescape Surf Film Festival – Ster Kinekor Musgrave, 25 – 29 July
  • The Good Food & Wine Show – Durban Exhibition Centre, 28 – 31 July

Send us more stuff and we’ll put it in:


Venture over to OUR FACEBOOK GIG GUIDE to check out all the gigs happening this weekend. It’s another epic weekend for music lovers..

Our pick: Desmond & The Tutus at Unit 11 on Friday night. Bring it! These aren’t empty claims or false hopes being casually thrown out here, we have proof. Check out this article on the Unit 11 blog when they asked me to guest-blog-vibe on the last time Desmond & The Tutus came to town. The hardcore (as in genre, not commitment) music lovers will also want to check out “Stone City vs” on Saturday night… it’s on the gig guide bla bla.

Enjoy whatever it is you decide to do.

Love you all
TwoSlice Dré