New Blink 182 Single – “Up All Night”: Listen With Monsieur TwoSlice

A Blessed Weekend Indeed

First I lose my nut on Friday at Unit 11 and some how find myself dancing on stage next to the Desmond & The Tutus drummer as they play their epic tune “Peter”… then, the keepers of my imagination and custodians of what little nostalgic sentiment remains of my past, Blink 182, release the official track for their new single “Up All Night”.

Back in 2009, after that beautiful moment where Travis Barker uttered the words and we’ve decided to play music together again at the 51st Annual Grammys as they introduced the Rock category (then won by Coldplay, it was too much for my simple heart… tears all round), there was tons of talk, weird internet rumours and misleading titles of pet-slideshow videos on YouTube, about a song called “Up All Night” by the newly reformed Blink 182. It took forever but now it is here… and you can feast your ears upon all its soothing beauty in the video below.

Let’s Do This

If you were born after that time Eugene Terreblanche drove his pimped up bakkie through the glass panels of a trade and expo centre, then  you really won’t understand the importance of Blink 182 in the musical sphere and why it’s such a big deal that they’re back together. If that is you, know this: many of your musical heroes were inspired by this band, maybe not necessarily stylistically but at the very least inspired to start a band in their parents garage. Not for money. Not for fame. Not for intellectual, musical recognition. For music’s true catalyzing purpose: to impress the chick that sat four desks away from you in English class and that everyone stared at during P.E.

So here it is: the new blink single. They just released the audio, there ain’t know video just yet so cool your jets city-slicker.

Here’s a chronological breakdown of the conversation I had with myself as I listened to this song for the first time:

0:00 – 0:20: “Oh no! Tom threatened to renact his awkard Things-Still-Aren’t-Right-Between-Us-Even-Though-We-Said-They-Are stance from the 2009 announcement at all future press meetings and photoshoots unless there was a heavy AVA influence or at the very least the sounds of a space-ship reversing into a parking-bay.

0:21 – 0:31: “Or maybe not. Maybe Tom has been Armstrong-ed through his +44 career and now it’s all off-beat riffs from here on out.”

… and then …

0:34: “It’s Tom! I love you Tom!”

0:40: “It’s Mark! Take me to an enchanted forest Mark!”

0:45 – End: “Dude, everything is going to be OK.”


It really was awkward.. a awkward beauty.

What’s Really Going On

Truth be told, I think the song is an amalgamation of all the circumstances and everything it should be, given what happened and the significant time spent in other bands by each member during Blink’s time apart. “Up All Night” sounds like the next song that would have either been released off, or followed on the back of, their last self-titled release “Blink 182″- the progression they started to make that came out in songs like “Violence” and “Feeling This”…

That said, it’s also obvious that Tom has found comfort in his ethereal sounds and anthemic melodies he used to “redefine America” (his words on Larry King, not mine) with AVA, while Travis and Mark bring their lessons learned from +44 in maturing the staple Blink sound of old.

I’m a fan. I dig it. I’m exited. If they tour South Africa, I’m likely to wee in my pants where ever I happen to hear the news of it. (I would be the worst Mahala “writer” ever)

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