Ashtray Electric, Baby! The Video, The Gig, The Low-Down

Ashtray Electric, 23 July, Unit 11

If Francois was a mouse-thing...

It seems the higher powers in charge of music have smile upon our humble city once more: Ashtray Electric will be here this weekend. It. Is. True.

We really have been blessed of late with a flurry of our country’s top acts passing through our coastal city, most of them, through the doors of Unit 11. This weekend is no exception and is set to own us in all the bad ways possible.

I remember watching their video for the single “When Sex Becomes A Sport” and despite having Francois Van Coke (FPK / VCK) and Jaco “Snake” Venter (FPK / aKing) cameo in it by running around with ad-hoc weaponry, I was still able to carry on with life and not hemorrhage to death in the living room where I was seated. I have however still not seen them live which is weird if you’re me, so this weekend is going to be another big one. In fact, there videos are actually so rad, I think I’ll show you guys a different one each day until the gig.

I’ve started sending all my weekend-induced medical aid bills to Anna from Unit 11. Join me, come watch Ashtray Electric live this Saturday at Unit 11 – here’s the Facebook event.

So here’s the Ashtray Electric video for “When Sex Becomes A Sport”, it’s beautiful:

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