Technology Is Making Us Dumber: DEW Water, The Latest Victim of Drive-by Ignorance

This is why I have never forwarded any of those “pass this on” type messages that always seem to clutter up my various inboxes  everyday.

The ones that usually read along the lines of  “pass this on and the first person to respond will love you eternally” or “send this to ten people and see if God doesn’t bring you financial victory” speak for themselves. What I’m talking about now is the next-level stuff. Stupid messages that are either some lonely prankster’s idea of fun or the work of people who have something to gain in the demise of another persons reputation.

For the love of unicorns and all things rational, have we lost the ability to think in our “smart” and “forward thinking” age.

The more recent of these campaigns has hit close to home for me and I’m a bit pissed off. A recent SMS and Blackberry broadcast which seems to have gone viral in Durban has been aimed at damaging the reputation of a local company that has made strides in the bottled water industry and is conceptually a world leader. The only thing that really gets to me is not the content of this message (which ridiculously states that Dew water is killing people north of our borders) but the way in which I have seen friends blindly “passing it on”. Friends who know better. People who know better.

Read this message posted up today by Dew (a company which I love and is an entrepreneurial success for our city).


This is me drinking DEW water as I write this. Apparently, I'll be dead in a few hours.

This is the bottom-line, almost every forwarded email, Blackberry broadcast, or vague SMS you receive containing “vital” information on how there is a foreign national down the road from you that is a well know cannibal, or a message containing photos of an elephant doing cocaine while his zookeeper turns his back… is complete and utter rubbish. Please never ever send that crap to me thinking for one moment that I’m going to take it seriously.


My word, I spend my life on social communication platforms, probably at a much higher rate than you would believe and I have still not confused the lines between reality and the online world. On that note, please could you also stop sending me requests to sign a petition telling the Hague about the country-wide, “official” genocide currently being committed against whites. All that’s going to happen in return is I will send you a link to containing the actual definition of the word “genocide”.

Here’s another tip, don’t take people’s Facebook profiles seriously. IT IS NOT A TRUE REPRESENTATION OF THE REAL WORLD (I’m still amazed that some people need to be told that). Facebook is basically a fun platform where we can all put or best foot forward. Where we are continually picking and choosing the information we share with others, where bored people have the opportunity to stir by uttering complete nonsense into their status’ and comment threads. I remember the 1994-election-like state of concern that people went into with all those “pass it on” message informing us “that in 2 weeks, Facebook will be relaunching and as a result we will all lose our profiles forever unless we pay a fee”, I feel sorry for all the people who took that seriously and wasted their money generators and cases of baked beans. Have we become so lazy that we can’t discern anything anymore. Or we just don’t bother trying.

Pure logic, when engaged, should help you decipher what the truth is. Our society is built on fear, we thrive on it, we crave it to justify all our ridiculous notions, we need it so that we can have conversation fillers at dinner parties in a world that has become more and more devoid of substance. If reading this is distracting you from thinking about what I’m saying, turn off the TV- don’t worry, there will be a repeat of Run’s Family or Kendra on tomorrow.

Please, let’s just think a bit.

Facebook is not real life. Anonymous SMS campaigns are usually complete and utter crap, and Dew water has never been into Middle Africa, let alone killed 200 of its citizens.

Your’s in intellectual effort and general common-sense
TwoSlice Dré